Rover, aloud !

Rover - Queen Of The Fools (Official video)

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Director : Frank Seiler
Director of Photography : Thomas Letellier
Camera Assistant : David Frak-Lauer
Assistant Director : Gwen Ghelid
Set Designer : Benjamin Fanni
Key Light : Brice Tupin
Electrician : Adrien Maillard
Cast : Eri Oya
Make-Up : Joanna Darmon
Colorist : Sylvain Canaux

Produced by Yelena Nikolic & Guillaume Loeb - GENERIQUE PRODUCTIONS (PH)

Special thanks to :
Mai Ito Delhomme, Louis Arcelin (DV), Philippe Guillemain (RVZ), Thibault Gerber (Studios Sets), Schmooze


Funny how it sounds much better without you
See the noise is gone I'm playing without you

I guess your place for sure was behind a desk,
Dressing dolls for money, here's your success

Thinking that the world could not turn without you
Constipated minds won't make it without you

They should pay me twice to be in your shoes
Bankers, lawyers, honey they won't get the blues

Thinking that you rise? You're on the wrong latter
Sure If it's money-wise, you're Queen of the fools

It gave you a dirty mind, ambitious and cruel
I think you crossed the line, more headaches and jewels

With your tiny heart, you spit on the soup
Sure, you could nail a prophet, and then stick to your rules

What's the matter with you? You can't confess?
Too much sins to carry, one more or less!

You are such a sad little girl
You are such a sad little girl

Avec l'aimable accord de Wagram Publishing"